My 2021 Intentions

This “first of the year” kind of post always makes me nervous and therefore I take too much time to think about how I want to plan my year out. It’s already near the end of February so let that be an indication to how long I thought about it! Let me try this without having written down any notes or lists on paper and just let the words flow. I’m going to approach this as a rough draft to how I’d like to go about this year, and maybe revisit this at the end of June.


My motivational “word” for this year is going be one I used from a few years ago. A few of my “big” goals are ones that will take time, most likely take more than a year to accomplish. I’d like to continue to work towards those big goals but give myself grace in getting to the finish line. If I feel rushed, I give up easily. Last year I read a book also titled Finish by Jon Acuff. He said that most goals we set for ourselves don’t get accomplished because we either make the process too difficult, we set too short of a timeline, or the goal itself is unrealistic for what’s humanly possible or not good for our well-being. Two long-term things I want to finish is school and starting a business. I changed my major to Business and basically re-started undergrad because all my previous credits technically expired. I also want to learn “in action” how to run a business so I want to launch an e-commerce site this year! I started working on it last year and am excited to be so close to finishing the website. So far most things have gone as planned and I enjoyed a lot of the process, so I have confidence in committing to this project.

Goals contained within 2021:

  • I want to read a book each month. For January I read Last Tang Standing and finished it in February, but it’s done! Now I’m reading The Mystery of Agatha Christie. I lost my Kindle (WAH!) so I’m back to borrowing from the library. It feels nice to turn real pages.
  • I’d like to learn another language, but I don’t know which one yet. I’m interested in learning Korean, Tagalog, and Spanish.
  • I’d like to shed some of my 2020 pandemic weight. I have a decent relationship with our rowing machine and Chloe Ting videos so I’ll be using those primarily.

Huh, does my goal list seem short? I think that’s good for now. I’ll see how far I get in a few months. I think I can handle this.

Do you have similar goals?! Let me know!

[ Photo by Debby Hudson at Unsplash ]

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