I’m 37 Years Old. At My Age…

  • I like scented candles.
  • I’m into decorating my home with mirrors.
  • I love my Instant Pot and Air Fryer equally.
  • Actually, about the scented candles, I just like nice smells. I bought an oil diffuser.
  • I realized the last time I was a real music snob was between ten and fifteen years ago. Also, that was my prime Mix CD stage. Nowadays I don’t even realize when my favorite bands put out an album.
  • I always ask, “Is it worth the gas?” about going anywhere.
  • 2021 marks my high school graduation 20th anniversary. Wow!
  • I am a faithful user of Vitamin C serum. I enjoy my doing my skincare routine.
  • I still watch cartoons.
  • I prefer intimate gatherings when partying. But let’s be honest, my social circle is small by default.
  • My love language is Acts of Service.
  • I still use Facebook. (I think I opened my account in 2005?!)
  • I play Candy Crush.
  • I like to wear slippers around the house. OMG, but I don’t have those Asian slippers!! You know the kind…
  • I write in a planner. I started using them to record homework assignments and due dates in middle school and I’ve never stopped writing things down since.
  • I have a personal preference for certain pens. Right now I’m in love with the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractables, which is weird to say because I’m not a fan of their basic pens so I didn’t think I’d like anything else made by that brand.

I think this is as accurate of a picture I can paint of myself at this moment in time. And for the record, today’s not my birthday (Dec. 1!) but I thought it would be fun to type out some fun facts about me and what things I like at the moment. Tell me something about yourself!

[ Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash ]

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