Last Minute Gift Ideas for Musicians

App Store Gift Cards for iPhone and Android – I’m a big fan of apps that teach music theory and musicianship. I also always cycle through different apps for metronomes, tuning, and music learning, and so much more. Should I put a list together of all my favorite apps? Prepaid Gift Cards – Most musicians needContinue reading “Last Minute Gift Ideas for Musicians”

Cover Me – Do I Wanna Know? Four Ways

— Cover Me is a recurring post series on Stone Cold Vox where I share pieces of music I like that happen to be popular enough they end up being covered by other bands and musicians. Sometimes you’ll get duds that sound like karaoke versions, sometimes you’ll get covers that make you feel bad youContinue reading “Cover Me – Do I Wanna Know? Four Ways”

If You Like Shakespeare in the Summer, Try Flock Theatre

Another title for this post that I wanted to use was Fireworks are great, but have you tried Shakespeare? cuz I’m not as enthusiastic about fireworks as I am about outdoor plays. Now, I know I’m trying to highlight more things happening in Rhode Island but my go-to in-state Shakespeare joint is on a hiatusContinue reading “If You Like Shakespeare in the Summer, Try Flock Theatre”

Easy Greek-Inspired Hummus Toast

Screw your avocado toast!!! Did I start off too strong? Okay, let’s dial it back. Sorry, I get very inappropriate when I’m excited about something. I’ve been eating more hummus lately because it’s delicious and easy to make. Also, when I buy a jar of tahini I usually never finish it up before it expiresContinue reading “Easy Greek-Inspired Hummus Toast”

Cover Me – Radical Face’s “Jolene”

Who is Radical Face? I don’t know. Kidding. I didn’t know up until a few days ago. Being a person who loves her indie music I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this band. “Radical Face” is actually the moniker for Ben Cooper. He’s been making music since at least 2003. By © Alexander Kellner –Continue reading “Cover Me – Radical Face’s “Jolene””

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