Youth Summer Arts Programs in Rhode Island

Thursday is the official start of Summer but it’s pretty much here! In my area this is the last week of school for many kids. That means if you haven’t already registered the kids for any summer programs, you’re running out of time. ahh, panic!!! Now that I have an eager and willing eight yearContinue reading “Youth Summer Arts Programs in Rhode Island”

In & Around PVD: Last Minute Christmas Family Activities

*deep breath* Do you ever feel so busy in December that you start to feel guilty you haven’t done much with the kids and then realize we’re now in the middle of the last week before Christmas and you cheated the kids out of a ton of activities so you’re scrambling to roll out sugarContinue reading “In & Around PVD: Last Minute Christmas Family Activities”

To Do: Pawtucket Arts Festival

Most Arts festivals I’ve been to or heard of have only lasted a weekend. I’m excited to find out Pawtucket is hosting a month-long arts festival with events happening all around the city. If you can travel to Providence you can definitely go the extra exit on 95 and check out Pawtucket. Running through theContinue reading “To Do: Pawtucket Arts Festival”

Two Rhode Island Ensembles You Should Audition For NOW

September 5 & 6 The Chorus of Westerly is looking for new members for theirĀ 2017-2018 season. All adult voice parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) and children age 8 to 18 are encouraged to audition. Auditions will be held on September 5th and September 6th by appointment at the George Kent Performance Hall (119 HighContinue reading “Two Rhode Island Ensembles You Should Audition For NOW”

Music Festivals in Rhode Island This Summer

I love music festivals. How can you say no to an opportunity to hear a bunch of bands live in a day or a whole weekend? Listen, I’m not one of those people to drop $100+ for one epic concert, ehhhhh maybe Lady Gaga could persuade me one day, so I’m really turned on toContinue reading “Music Festivals in Rhode Island This Summer”

How to Improve Acoustics in a Room

Our house is full of musicians, and naturally a bunch of instruments follow. In order to accommodate instrument and music equipment storage we decided to convert one of the bedrooms into a music and recording space. Figuring out storage for instruments is easy, but prepping a space for recording is more challenging. I’m currently inContinue reading “How to Improve Acoustics in a Room”

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